Saturday, 18 May 2013

I have shifted!

Hi everyone, I have shifted my personal blog to :)

Say bye to this blog! 

Friday, 5 April 2013

Revamp of my beauty corner

Who are just like me ; messy?
I love buying cosmetic and beauty products, but I hate organising them.
I will just chunk them aside, anywhere I like, but I don't have difficulties looking for them.
However, I think they are too unsightly and my room is super messy.
Thus, I decided to revamp my room part by part, starting with my beauty corner first.

Side track a bit, I found old Polaroid photos taken on my birthday last year. 
Decided to stick them on the wall next to my mirror. 
Girls, we should take Polaroids on everyone birthday and keep them!

Anyway, to start revamping my beauty corner, I went Daiso and spent some money.
They are all so cheap! I am so lucky that I never buy the cosmetic organiser box from Ikea. 
Although it look better, it cost $45 and can never contain everything I have.

Cheap doesn't mean no good!

I started packing with my lippies because they are most-love products. 
Just added 3 more new colours to the family. 
However, the more they get, the more difficult it is to find the shade. 
The cover all look the same!
So I divided them into 4 shades - Orange, Pink, Red, Natural!

Next - Eyeliners, Mascaras, Brow pencils and Concealers!
I love eyeliners, and I use to buy different colours and Mac limited edition.
I have not been putting on eyes makeup for the last 3 weeks and all my eyeliners are calling out for me.

Eye shadows - Something that I used least. 
I can never look good with eye shadows, and I can only use limited colours, which is normally earth colours.
Maybe skill is needed when it comes to apply eye colours!

Blushers - girls can never get enough of cheek colours right?
I have a friend who have tons of eyes and cheeks colours. 
However, every time I met up with her, I saw her with the same colour.
(you know who you are)
Guess all of us just like to collect!

Primer, foundation, loose powder
I bought Chanel primer and loose powder but have yet to try them.
"How many face you have that you need so many powder?" was what my model, Cherie Tay said when she knew about these.

Fake lashes - Something all girls love too, right?
I have sparse lashes so I don't have a choice okay!

Face & Body Sunblock - MUST-HAVE!
Girls, please start using sun block before you regret!
To get rid of freckles, the laser process cost around $600 per session!!! (it cost so much if you wanna see instant improvement)
Maple Clinic has the best sun block ever, but all my friends condemn maple to the core. Haha.

Perfumes , hand & body lotions, hair wax & spray, firming cream and some other random things.

Brushes, tweezers and also random stuffs that you will not be interested in, haha.

Masks - the bird nest mask from my beauty diaries is quite good.
Of course, SK2 is the best, but it is too costly. 
Will only use it once in a while.

Tadah! All done! Still quite messy thou. But at least better than before!

Will post on my beauty regime soon! :D
By the way, none of the products are expired!

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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Eyelids Surgery Part 3

 photo B8CAF8FB-61F3-4603-92B5-F0822EEC677A-5081-000003100190D4EB_zps4aa87b68.jpg  photo 41654839-FE4D-4B4D-8532-FBB129043F8A-5081-0000030FFDE6BB0B_zpsf29e0655.jpg
On my way to eyelids review. It has been 2 weeks since I remove the stitches. However, my scars didn't get any better. No choice, I have bad issue with scarring.
Doctor reviewed my eyes and said that the bumps on my eyelids creases are normal. Soon, they will disappear. However, it were the scars on my epi that worried him. That part of my face don't feel normal; they are harden, like blocks. Whenever the doctor pressed on the scars, they hurt!
Thus, there is a possibility that they will become Keloids scars! Woohoo!!!
So before they get worse, I have to apply a scarring cream, 3 times a day and massage the epi scar.
Hope the cream can perform miracle, so I can skip the "injection for scars" part.
 photo 72493962-D273-42D6-9885-E599E4ED7DE3-5081-0000030FF5144DA8_zps6f7d9e80.jpg  photo F01DD212-AB03-45B6-B8A5-CE878C709F6E-5081-0000030FF985ED9E_zpse28d410f.jpg
 Tadah!!! This is the cream I am pinning all my hope on! PLEASE HELP ME!
 photo A1CA7A85-BF01-449C-AF2F-AAC3EE5B1DC4-5081-0000030FDBCA4240_zps5a97f1e4.jpg  photo 591A6317-1619-4FE0-89BF-14473FD0D573-5081-0000030FD817DB03_zpsf15f857a.jpg
Apply and massage!
Anyway, lets zoom in, to my disgusting scars!
 photo 32AD5CF3-EDA7-438D-A07A-2D14CF1EA406-5081-0000030FF0DC536E_zps53d3fa54.jpg  photo F8A7FEB3-770F-49BD-B327-5B58C6DB93A8-5081-0000030FEC9E5FB7_zps8d99be92.jpg 
 photo 9494DAA5-B7B0-466C-855A-1789B21DE9DB-5081-0000030FE7EA7E18_zpsbbbd9f91.jpg  photo BB851655-65FD-45B5-AA4E-C3838C6A333A-5081-0000030FE2CE72B8_zps95f6cc8a.jpg
Well, the scars might actually affect the shape of the crease. Now, they look neither tapered nor parallel. FML

Review for scars will be in 2 weeks time. Hopefully they will get well!
Pray for me please!

Sorry for the lousy picture quality, unkempt eyebrows and ugly face and poses.
Will try to take better pictures when my lens is fixed. :(

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Model is 157cm and UK 6

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Moles Removal

Yesterday was hectic,
IPL hair removal -> Postage @ SingPost -> collect referral letter from GP -> appointment at National Skin Centre.

As usual, I woke up late to woke and had to cab to centre point for my IPL appointment. Signed up the package with Angie 1 year ago, went to treatment once and stopped until yesterday. I signed up for upper lips with unlimited underarms session. But guess what; I had braces on and can't do the IPL for upper lips anymore! SOB, got to live with moustache for another 1.5 years.

So which part should I do instead? Bikini Line, Upper Vagina Triangle, Lower Vagina Triangle or Inner Thigh?

 photo 5F285F03-52E8-44F4-9C83-862ED3236637-1182-0000008FA9884A15_zps5857eb27.jpg  photo 2E1F6543-9196-45F6-A5CE-536785771714-1182-0000008FADA01AAC_zpse7f6fa53.jpg

 OOTD for yesterday. I looked so fat. :(
Was in Perri Shoulder Cut-Out Top in Black from The FridayBest.
It is only selling at $18.90.
I took picture with my side view to show my flatter but not very flat tummy. Got progress! Anyway, I shed 5 kg. Hopefully will reach target soon!
Got an appointment at the national skin centre. My purpose was to remove those unsightly moles on my body. Why will I have so many moles?
 photo 57857B92-CC38-4175-8F78-AE3BBFD1B81F-1182-0000008FBC3D604E_zps64ac63ad.jpg
 photo E0B6A5B3-678E-49F0-86F9-80E0C528985D-2388-0000013F12C96C2F_zpsd0bc10e5.jpg
While waiting for my turn! I hope my eyes look better :D
I am starting to love them!
 photo E8316B06-2464-4B26-90EA-2E35746468FA-1182-0000008FB6746ACA_zps2485b817.jpg
 photo C7A66D0F-6DCE-402C-B120-E848E3E44775-2388-0000013976D506F5_zps68dcab95.jpg

The moles I wanted to remove. One on the chest, one on the neck and one near my ear.
And my neck lines are horrible. ZZZ
According to the doctor, mole is form by a group of pigmented cells.
 But he never say why will have pigmented cells.

After examine the moles, he said all the moles are with deep root. To remove them completely, I will need to opt for excision method.

To sum things up, it is like cutting a part of your flesh together with the mole away, and stitch back.
But the best part was, a mole cost about SGD$500.

There will also be scars, especially if I have Keloids!
So I decided not to do the surgery and live with ugly moles forever.
And the consultation cost me $101. Sigh!
Spent money to get disappointment.

Met up with Angie and Sihui.

 photo 96D159B0-C48D-468D-91CA-8C20C86924C7-1182-0000008FC136E222_zps6760cf87.jpg  photo B396D6EB-78EE-4526-A58B-501DFC97901C-1182-0000008FC61A9AF8_zps9c2c3a1e.jpg

Thanks Girls for meeting me. I might sound moody yesterday, I am still happy that we met up.

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