Thursday, 21 March 2013

Eyelids Surgery Part 2

After a week, it is finally time to remove the stitches. Was so worried about the stitches removal, cause everyone said they were sobbing during the stitches removal.

 photo 0F79A431-B60F-485D-9E60-97525D8E71AD-16893-00000D7780C4CFCA_zps72722dd5.jpg
That's how I look like before the removal and the swell had almost subside.
When I reached the clinic, there are quite a number of people, mostly young girls, coming back for reviews. It shows how common cosmetic surgery has become and young girls can really afford surgery now.

Was asking the doctor about the pain level for stitches removal and he said it will only be an ant bite.
I actually didn't believe in the first place, but what I feel when he started the procedure was he was pulling a string out of my lids very smoothly and it only hurt abit at the epi area.

Still have to go back to review in 2 weeks time, because he need to check if I have any scars, and I am worried about having keloids scars at the epi area.
 photo 931D4AFA-4C49-40BB-9315-FBB7DBEC79B7-16893-00000D777AC492FE_zpsd698d7f0.jpg  photo 002207AB-1FF8-4BA8-B6F9-F380E4349399-16893-00000D7776854B9D_zps031b2e37.jpg  photo 9143AD38-AB01-45FF-9DC4-5F89F0E63F07-16893-00000D776D65D8B5_zps1fd80bf3.jpg  photo 3EAF0011-AA00-43D7-92B2-F1ADF7262BDB-16893-00000D777EB91B1C_zps7cf063f2.jpg
It look like I am going to have keloids for sure, cause the scars look 3D.
I was so sad at the moment. The doctor said if it is really keloids, I will have to apply a cream specially for keloids to flatten them. But if the cream doesn't work, I will have jab the scar. FML!
Also, he said my eyes look droopy, because my eyes are always half open. I need to open my eyes bigger everyday, if not I will still have small eyes for life. OMG, I HAVE WEAK EYES MUSCLES!
Lazy eyes?
But my case is not serious. Droopy but still can be help if I keep my eyes open big big everyday and get use to it.
If it is the serious case, a muscle strengthening surgery can be done to "Open" up the eyes.
Sadly, the surgery is quite expensive; $5K or more.
Hopefully I don't need it!
I still have to apply cream and do cold pack everyday, to reduce the swellings. The eyes still look unnatural and my left eyes look tapered! :(
Hopefully it get back to parallel when the swell subside.

 photo F279836E-21D3-4ACC-8EA6-637474809247-16893-00000D7768088263_zps40a06b20.jpg  photo B43D64D4-D909-4970-B979-D5EE5AAD722D-16893-00000D776C466232_zps5fba230d.jpg
 photo D8AE184B-0A6D-4FC2-9F32-8D71DD0B4F38-16893-00000D776A603410_zps18694f71.jpg
The right eye heals better than the left one; more parallel, epi without 3D scar.

Please help me pray that I will heal beautifully! Thank you very much!
Sorry that my skin look very disgusting. The condition is very bad now. Can't clean my face properly when I was still havng stitches on, that's why grew alot of black heads.

Will update more again, bye bye!


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