Sunday, 31 March 2013

Flutes at the Fort

 photo 81F6070C-E70E-4FC8-90DB-8C3CC34E91DB-2167-00000157C8AD6CCC_zpsc85ff43f.jpg

Brunch @ Flutes.
Always wanted to dine at the restaurant, and just nice Angie had to deliver some beef over, we decided to patronise the place. The best thing is, she paid for this meal cause she finally got her commission! LOL

 photo 8D4B46A6-06F5-4405-8D70-8FF6B1A1C387-2167-0000015518410DFE_zps757b9cdd.jpg  photo 46FDEF56-A3C4-4FF8-A2ED-360C6B36487B-2167-000001552E3DD981_zpsacf4d142.jpg  photo 1E46EC02-B59C-48EE-A8DC-612CCF8878D5-2167-0000015532C91F98_zpsa3420e91.jpg  photo D112DAE9-49F0-469B-BEF7-E1652AB85584-2167-00000155374FDC78_zpsc2661ccf.jpg
Awesome meal.
Told the chef that the portion is too big, but Angie keep insisting that it wasn't enough for her. LOL
 I was dragged to some Shoes Warehouse sales by Angie. Had to queue and was very squeezy inside. But the shoes are only selling for $8 per pair, $12 for 2 pairs. Thinking about the fact that Angie had NO DECENT shoes for work, I had no choice but to accompany her to grab some shoes.

Aftermaths, I dragged her to MAC to get a new lip colour for her.
A brighten colour, to make her look younger (:
I think the colour she is using now is too dull (refer to brunch photos)

And Tadah!
So much better!
Thanks babe for the meal and thanks for always listening to my problems and complaints.
Remember to use the HOT PINK lippies I get for you too. The colour look gorgeous on you!

Volunteered for Yellow Ribbon Project. Hope I can do my part for the society. :)
I think everyone deserve a second chance. If I wasn't given a second chance, I won't be here.
Hope they will contact me soon.

Fridaybest Collection 34 will be launching tonight, 8 pm.
Grab those awesome pieces!


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