Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Just some thoughts

I seriously can't understand why there is a person out there, trying so freaking hard to ruin my life, to smear my name despite the fact that we are only close friends and work partners. Instead of thinking of what have you done wrong or not enough, pushing the blame to someone else is much easier, I guess. Well, one more word from you, I shall not hesitate but to retort. In order to solve this unnecessary problem brought to me, I guess we can never be friends anymore.
Recently, I realised that there are not many people who worth my tears, time and effort. Been through so much, compromising to someone who is not worth is the last thing I want. Despite doing and caring to great extend, I don't see why should I be the one to be blamed. I don't see why should I be taken for granted. I thought things can always work out if everyone puts in their effort. Either I am too naive or I am too dumb.
Or is there something I did to deserve these treatments? 

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