Thursday, 4 April 2013

Eyelids Surgery Part 3

 photo B8CAF8FB-61F3-4603-92B5-F0822EEC677A-5081-000003100190D4EB_zps4aa87b68.jpg  photo 41654839-FE4D-4B4D-8532-FBB129043F8A-5081-0000030FFDE6BB0B_zpsf29e0655.jpg
On my way to eyelids review. It has been 2 weeks since I remove the stitches. However, my scars didn't get any better. No choice, I have bad issue with scarring.
Doctor reviewed my eyes and said that the bumps on my eyelids creases are normal. Soon, they will disappear. However, it were the scars on my epi that worried him. That part of my face don't feel normal; they are harden, like blocks. Whenever the doctor pressed on the scars, they hurt!
Thus, there is a possibility that they will become Keloids scars! Woohoo!!!
So before they get worse, I have to apply a scarring cream, 3 times a day and massage the epi scar.
Hope the cream can perform miracle, so I can skip the "injection for scars" part.
 photo 72493962-D273-42D6-9885-E599E4ED7DE3-5081-0000030FF5144DA8_zps6f7d9e80.jpg  photo F01DD212-AB03-45B6-B8A5-CE878C709F6E-5081-0000030FF985ED9E_zpse28d410f.jpg
 Tadah!!! This is the cream I am pinning all my hope on! PLEASE HELP ME!
 photo A1CA7A85-BF01-449C-AF2F-AAC3EE5B1DC4-5081-0000030FDBCA4240_zps5a97f1e4.jpg  photo 591A6317-1619-4FE0-89BF-14473FD0D573-5081-0000030FD817DB03_zpsf15f857a.jpg
Apply and massage!
Anyway, lets zoom in, to my disgusting scars!
 photo 32AD5CF3-EDA7-438D-A07A-2D14CF1EA406-5081-0000030FF0DC536E_zps53d3fa54.jpg  photo F8A7FEB3-770F-49BD-B327-5B58C6DB93A8-5081-0000030FEC9E5FB7_zps8d99be92.jpg 
 photo 9494DAA5-B7B0-466C-855A-1789B21DE9DB-5081-0000030FE7EA7E18_zpsbbbd9f91.jpg  photo BB851655-65FD-45B5-AA4E-C3838C6A333A-5081-0000030FE2CE72B8_zps95f6cc8a.jpg
Well, the scars might actually affect the shape of the crease. Now, they look neither tapered nor parallel. FML

Review for scars will be in 2 weeks time. Hopefully they will get well!
Pray for me please!

Sorry for the lousy picture quality, unkempt eyebrows and ugly face and poses.
Will try to take better pictures when my lens is fixed. :(

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  1. Hi, I had my upper and lower eyelid surgery done last June 8th. It's past 2 weeks now and I got a small keloid at the end of my lower eyelid. Every morning my eyelid looks like a goldfish (swollen), but my doctor said it's still too early to complain lol. My question is....did the cream help reduce the keloid? Because my doctor asked me to come back after 2 weeks and if the keloid is still there he will do the steroid injection. Thanks

    1. Hello dear! Yup it is still too early to tell, but I am sure you will look great. I was whining and complaining about my eyes when it was 2 weeks post-surgery too. Yup, the cream work miracle! It really did improve the scars, but it will be better if you go ahead with the injection to reduce the scars as suggested by your doctor. If you inject earlier, chances that you recover from keloids are higher. If you were to drag too long, steroid may not help that much. :D Hope everything will be good for ya :D

  2. Hi Jeanie, I had double eyelid surgery about 5 weeks done in Korea and saw a budge that looked like milia seed right above the incision. I would appreciate greatly if you have any contacts to share with me that I can do a consultation with for my double eyelid. Thanks alot in advance. :)

  3. your blog is amazing! thank you so much for your creative inspirations and thank you for sharing.

  4. Hi Jeanie, I had surgery almost 5 weeks ago and I'm freaking out as my scars and lids are still very prominent and swelling is still there! I have a special even coming up in about 4 weeks and freaking the heck out about the scars and swelling and preparing for the worst when the event comes around. Skipping the event is not an option for me as its my mothers 80th birthday celebration! Do you have any tips on how to conceal the scars? I have not try putting on makeup do to the fact the I don't want to further irritate the scar. Please where your scars and swelling looking at 9 weeks post surgery??? Thank you!