Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Moles Removal

Yesterday was hectic,
IPL hair removal -> Postage @ SingPost -> collect referral letter from GP -> appointment at National Skin Centre.

As usual, I woke up late to woke and had to cab to centre point for my IPL appointment. Signed up the package with Angie 1 year ago, went to treatment once and stopped until yesterday. I signed up for upper lips with unlimited underarms session. But guess what; I had braces on and can't do the IPL for upper lips anymore! SOB, got to live with moustache for another 1.5 years.

So which part should I do instead? Bikini Line, Upper Vagina Triangle, Lower Vagina Triangle or Inner Thigh?

 photo 5F285F03-52E8-44F4-9C83-862ED3236637-1182-0000008FA9884A15_zps5857eb27.jpg  photo 2E1F6543-9196-45F6-A5CE-536785771714-1182-0000008FADA01AAC_zpse7f6fa53.jpg

 OOTD for yesterday. I looked so fat. :(
Was in Perri Shoulder Cut-Out Top in Black from The FridayBest.
It is only selling at $18.90.
I took picture with my side view to show my flatter but not very flat tummy. Got progress! Anyway, I shed 5 kg. Hopefully will reach target soon!
Got an appointment at the national skin centre. My purpose was to remove those unsightly moles on my body. Why will I have so many moles?
 photo 57857B92-CC38-4175-8F78-AE3BBFD1B81F-1182-0000008FBC3D604E_zps64ac63ad.jpg
 photo E0B6A5B3-678E-49F0-86F9-80E0C528985D-2388-0000013F12C96C2F_zpsd0bc10e5.jpg
While waiting for my turn! I hope my eyes look better :D
I am starting to love them!
 photo E8316B06-2464-4B26-90EA-2E35746468FA-1182-0000008FB6746ACA_zps2485b817.jpg
 photo C7A66D0F-6DCE-402C-B120-E848E3E44775-2388-0000013976D506F5_zps68dcab95.jpg

The moles I wanted to remove. One on the chest, one on the neck and one near my ear.
And my neck lines are horrible. ZZZ
According to the doctor, mole is form by a group of pigmented cells.
 But he never say why will have pigmented cells.

After examine the moles, he said all the moles are with deep root. To remove them completely, I will need to opt for excision method.

To sum things up, it is like cutting a part of your flesh together with the mole away, and stitch back.
But the best part was, a mole cost about SGD$500.

There will also be scars, especially if I have Keloids!
So I decided not to do the surgery and live with ugly moles forever.
And the consultation cost me $101. Sigh!
Spent money to get disappointment.

Met up with Angie and Sihui.

 photo 96D159B0-C48D-468D-91CA-8C20C86924C7-1182-0000008FC136E222_zps6760cf87.jpg  photo B396D6EB-78EE-4526-A58B-501DFC97901C-1182-0000008FC61A9AF8_zps9c2c3a1e.jpg

Thanks Girls for meeting me. I might sound moody yesterday, I am still happy that we met up.

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