Wednesday, 6 March 2013

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Something to look forward
Omg, its just 6 more days and I will have a new set of eyes.
I am having mixed feeling - worried and excited at the same time, that I can't even sleep well at night.
What will the end result be? How long will I take to recover? Will the surgery be a success? Will I look like freak after my surgery? Will I be able to get the eyes I wanted?
Seriously, too much questions in my mind!
Will update on my surgery more (:
Feeling Angry
I am feeling rather angry recently, about things that happened around me.
I am really sick and tired of entertaining nonsensical things/friends.
Call me a fair weather friend for all I care, and yes, I know you are talking about me.
But seriously, do you have to trouble everyone when you are feeling down?
Should my world be evolving around you and just you.
Please wake up your bloody idea that we all have our own life, own trouble to deal with. When I am at the lowest point of my life, can I ask you a question? "WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?" But I didn't blame you nor anyone, cause I understand the fact that everyone has their own problems to deal with. When we don't ask, doesn't mean we don't care. We did text you to take care. And that's all I can do, because during that period, I wasn't in town. I was away.
OR are we suppose to send you a text everyday asking you how are you feeling?
And by doing this, I am not a fair weather friend?
Let me tell you, why not you text me everyday asking me how I feel then?
I, too, have many things to deal with, have issue to settle and problems to solve.
Not just the above issue, there are things I have been tolerating for the longest time and this time round I can't take it anymore. STOP IT, I WILL TOLERATE NO MORE.
I had lost 3 kgs! Woohoo! But I am still super far from my target! 12 kgs more to go!
I must get back to my lightest weight, when my bones are still very obvious!
But my target is lighter than the lightest weight I had been.
 photo F8DB22B5-0D46-4B26-9C68-E73AEB0EB86E-557-0000005351873309_zpsa5e6dcee.jpg
And not becoming like these, when I am 67-70kg! FML
 photo C1C6CC2B-B0B7-48A2-9681-B4426C06E2F6-557-0000005352A68DEF_zps7f215823.jpg
 photo 1C562AFC-1881-4253-9ECD-E40F634EC7C1-557-000000545B376A4B_zpsa902af84.jpg

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