Sunday, 25 December 2011

Duckling's virgin post - New Year Resolution 2012

Year 2011 had been a blissful one, with the start of TheFridayBest, with passing and getting my Class 2 license! Shall 2012 be even better!!!

I never thought of starting a blog again, ever since my last blog that caused a conflict with my friend. (because of an old photo), but I think I should jot down those memories I had, to share those beautiful photos I have taken, before I start forgetting everything and turning old and ugly.

I have no idea when I become so look-concious, but looks really make a different impact in the start of every event. This blog is to motivate you and myself, to never be lazy. I am sure we wouldn't be fat and ugly, if you are willing to work hard.

I hope to read through my blog in a few years to see how much I change/improve within time.

Let get started with my new year resolutions/goals (:
Call me materialistic or superficial, I don't really care!

  1. To self-manufacture TheFridayBest exclusive designs
  2. To let TFB be recognize in the online boutique world
  3. To do Liposuction for my top 4 stubborn areas
  4. To get my parallel eyelids surgery done
  5. To attend yoga lessons at least twice a week
  6. To strictly follow my skincare regime
  7. To be a certified property agent
  8. To get my car
  9. To be at most 50kg
  10. To get a BF!
However, goals change over time! There may be more!!!

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