Monday, 23 January 2012

The thing I can't live without, for now!

Happy Chinese New Year!
Everybody Huat arh, and most importantly, FridayBest also huat arh!

I was browsing through my past photos, and realize I have super buang eyes!
No matter how much I tried to open up my eyes, I still look -.-!

I thought I look great enough, until I tried this!

The mighty double eyelid tapes! 
It really do open up and deepen my eyes!

When Leeping was telling me it works wonders, I thought it won't make any different since I already have double eyelids!
But look at the difference!

This wonder tape will live with me till I get me double eyelids surgery done.
Last photo without fake lashes.
Quit telling me about natural beauty, or I will slap you!

I have also added two more goals into my list!

  1. To get my braces done
  2. To go through dimples surgery
Its time to sleep! Night everyone!

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