Wednesday, 25 January 2012

CNY day 2, KBOX!

CNY day 2 is a boring one, cause there is no more house-visiting. Staying at home is only making me more vex than ever. I can't wait for my new home to come, with my own room and own space. 
Step over the line and you are dead! I know I shouldn't be ranting during Chinese New Year, but come on, try being in my shoes!


Top and shorts from thefridaybest
Look kinda fat in this outfit! Must be the angle. 
Mum is a lousy photographer!

me and mummy!

i am an alcoholic :x 

top and jacket from thefridaybest
She really getting more and more aunty! 
Can't stand her!

Was browsing through my old photos last night!
I realize I was more chio last time, cause of my hair!
And I guess, guys like girls with long hair.

Do you prefer the above or the below?

I think I look better in LONG hair!

One more thing added to new year resolution!
  • To have long hair
Before I ended, show you guys my "before & after" again!

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