Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Bintan 2012

This is our first family trip together - should be a memorable one, but Bintan is really way too boring.
I seriously got nothing to do there except for getting tons of kisses from mozzies, swimming, and getting myself burnt! F***! I really hate getting tan, because I ended up looking yellow!

Wasn't a great trip, thus this wont be a long post.
I shall summarized everything with pictures!

Look at my damn eyebags! I hate waking up early in the morning with swollen eyes - eyes look small, double eyelids tape won't work etc! Dealing with the eyes every morning has caused me to be late for work almost every day!

First family trip ever - everyone was seriously goddamn happy until we reached our destination!


Hate the travelling!

I seriously look like some pregnant lady in this picture, or rather, in this dress!
I always look bloated whenever in this kind of dresses, wtf!
Why can't I be fucking chio like those babes in white sundress, with flowing hair?

SPA - jacuzzi, body scrub, body massage, mask and bath only for SGD71 only.
So cheap eh!
Totally love scrub cause I can't stand dead skins.
I have to scrub my body and my feet at least once a week!

 Wrinkles! Sigh, you can't beat the time and can't hide your age!
Start taking care now or you will regret!

LOOK! This is the worst part of the trip! =.=
Was bitten by mozzie & friends!
They were still red and swollen, refusing to go away.

Okie, I am not trying to show off my boobs or act chio.
The reason I took the above picture is to ask if my boobs look fake!
I went swimming with 4 strangers (guys) standing infront of us, discussing if my boobs are fake!
Can't you see it is sagging! Cannot be fake what!
If your wife's not that big, doesn't mean mine have to be fake leh!

Conclusion: If you want freckles, burnt skin and bites, please visit Bintan again!

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