Saturday, 4 February 2012

Depressed yet Motivated

It had been a long while since I went back for yoga. I signed up for a 18 months membership with pure yoga, and had been missing from Oct 2011 till now.

I am someone who will easily put on weight so for the few months I have been surviving on some slimming pill prescribe by the doctor. It works well as it really control my appetite. But now that I have stop, I kept on eating non-stop. NEVER ENDING!

So, the pills are not long term solution!
EXERCISING + LIPOSUCTION will be the solutions!

The reasons why I approach the more extreme ways to shed my fats is because
  • I wouldn't want to hit near 70kg again (picture below)
  • I want those people who mock at me to shut up (especially those childish guys in sec school)
  • I want those guys who dump me cause I was fat to regret
  • I want to look good, and to wear anything I want (slim people have more choice of clothes)

Especially reason 2 and 3 have the greatest impact in my life.
The reason why I became so obsess with my look? Hmmm.
Seriously, I hope all of you marry a fatso! *Evil smile*

Will be going for my Liposuction during April. 
I can't wait, can't wait to take out litres of fats from my body, can't wait to feel the pain too!
Can't wait to feel the satisfaction!


* it is me *


Omg! Although there is not much difference, but I definitely lost 10kg or more!
I have more classic pictures, these are not the worst.
Just that I need to dig them all out!

Okie, Jiayou everyone! Lets have our beauty sleep!


  1. you are just chubby and too nice lorx. -____-! must be cold-blooded and selfish abit!!! hee

  2. U are beautiful at that time, trust me :) when you wasn't so conscious about your looks, other qualities of yours were dazzling.