Monday, 6 February 2012

Behind the scene - TheFridayBest

TheFridayBest will be launching our latest collection on the 10th this month, and we just had our shoots recently. One more new model added - Cherie! Super fun and crazy when behind the scene. The girls were having fun, but after the fun, they shag max, cause laugh too much! LOL

LOL! PRICELESS, the last pic! (all pictures with min. photoshop)

4th Feb 2012

Went to did my IPL for underarm and upper lip in Musee.
Was my 1st time doing! If I got the money, I am sure I will IPL all the hair, except for my brows and hair! Anyway, the reason why I did upper lips is because I got mustache! The consultant kept on emphasizing and Angie also think it is super obvious too!

Met up with Angie to shop for her D&D dress! She bought the most amazing outfit that I think she will be in the Limelight on that night. If you win the best dress award, can you please treat me to dinner? I got the best idea right!

We ended up eating and drinking, when we are on diet.
And I had some rubbish drinks that end me up with super serious hang over and a series of mega vomit!
I guess I will stop drinking for quite a while. Yuckssssssssssssss!

Dress from TFB

 Top from Thefridaybest
Shorts from Forever21
Pumps from Prettyfit

Anyway I dyed my hair before I head out to town that day!
When I mention I want some ashbrown to the hair dresser, I don't know why I ended up with Orange - a shade of dye I hate most!

Orange UGLY max!
And I know my face also buang max!

Bought Givenchy Loose Powder and Estee Lauder Foundation!

Will review it soon!

Good night people (:

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