Monday, 23 January 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

Prosper year ahead everyone!
Time really flies! I still remember I received a SGD$5000 last year.
This year, I heard nothing from him.
Things really changed alot, and of course, I became prettier too!
I guess, we all do really need to go through changes. Sometime for the better and sometime things get worse!

Although this year is the Dragon year and I, as a Dragon, FAN TAI SUI, I guess things will never be as bad as before where my parents can't reach me and I getting into trouble everyday.

Was wishing BIMBO ANGIE this morning! All our wishes are "Be successful in our Love life and become more CHIO!" LOL. Damn bimbo.

Don't blame me for such a camwhore, I just wants to remember how I look like when I grow old.

Please forgive the scars!
 If anyone have any recommendation for scar removal cream/method, please let me know!

Eyeshadow - Shell from Mac and Afterhours from Stilla
(Shell is Angie's favourite)

Joseph Phang and Me

Dress from thefridaybest 
Shoes from prettyfit
Accessories from Forever21 and Diva

Anyway, my dad is gonna sponsor me for the dental braces! Happy max! I will get braces set before I gonna do my dimples surgery! I know braces is gonna make me uglier, but that will be temporary! In two years time, I will get the perfect smile, with the dimples!

Before I end this post, I will post a shocking pictureeee! Trust me, there is no ugly women, there is only lazy women! I am not saying I am perfect, but I know, all of us can be better!

Makeup do wonders!

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