Saturday, 8 September 2012

Birthday, Short Hair and Amore Fitness

Had been really really busy that I cannot find anytime to blog and exercise.
Cause, will have a new launch next week!
Lotsa fabulous prints dresses and colour toga :D
Birthday celebration at Attica
Sad to say, the music sucks to the max. But I am lucky that I have my girls around. Thank you babes!
Not much pictures tho!
How is my hair when set in this way?
Like a boy

Amore Fitness
My contract with Pure yoga is gonna end soon. And I signed up for Amore Fitness Woodlands Branch.
So much cheaper as compared to Pure Yoga and of course, Amore fitness have gym facilities.
They did a body analysis for me and it says that I got too much body fats. WTF!
So I am going to start gym-ing and clean eating tomorrow.
I hope to reduce to 50kg by the end of the year!
Jiayou for those who are trying to slim down too!