Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas :D

Merry Xmas and a happy new year to all.
Been so long since I updated my blog.
Too much things happened recently.
Prive Brunch - with Angie Quek
& we try to take some photos in TFB outfit, but the photos turned out bad hahaha.
After which, I accompany Angie for her haircut and re bonding.
Crochet Collar Top coming this Friday in TFB :D
Xmas celebration with poly mates!
Went in JB for nails and Xmas celebration with poly mates.
 Shengbao forgotten about his passport so all of us took these photos to show him our unhappiness having to wait for him!
Angie's nail!
Mine :D
I was wearing a shift dress from TFB too.
& it is coming soon!
Full view here (:
We went back to hotel and chatted all night long.
So the next morning, we were shag max.
But still pulled each other up for the buffet breakfast!
Look at my face and hair!
Xmas eve with my girls!

In Limocello for Xmas dinner.
Went clarke quay after dinner to join Cherie , TFB model and Lee Ping!

Sorry if I look pregnant.

Had a bet with all the girls that I won't cut my hair for the whole of next year until Xmas, cause I wanna grow my hair!
Rest assure I won't cut, cause I won't wanna lost the bet and lost the money! Haha!
Thanks all for the Xmas present!
Ling should have join us!!!
Boxing day - Steamboat!

$150 worth of food.
This is crazy, too much!

Angie forcing herself to finish the food.
All of us surrender except for her! Salute!
Be back soon!

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