Wednesday, 19 December 2012

New Face!

To shed some lights on the previous comments, the recent December collection are taken prior to the recent incident. These are exclusive collaboration done with Zoeraymond and she is not FridayBest's permanent face or ambassador. Thank you all for your continuous support for Fridaybest. We do appreciate your valuable comments and do share with us if there is any room for improvement.

Anyway, today we really had a successful photography session with Multifolds :D

Behind the scene photos to share!!!
We are so excited to see the final photos from Melvin Multifolds!

Our model, Cherie!!! She is so lovely :D

While waiting, we camwhored abit.

And here are some photos we managed to captured while Melvin was shooting :D

Thanks all!

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  1. pls remove all her face if you still want to continue your business