Friday, 16 November 2012

It's all Crochet

Outfit on 15.11.12
 Was wearing Victoria Crochet Blouson Creme from
Mad comfortable and available in black too!
 I look like some drunkard -.-
Was out with the family for Granny's birthday dinner.
Cutest Granny 
 Baby Brother
After which, I went for dental appointment and drinks with my ex-colleague.
It is good to catch up once in a while (:

Angie joined us after her gym training :D
(pardon me for my swollen eyes)

Crochet Collar Top coming to soon!
I feel/look weird in this kind of girly outfit hahaha.
Stay tune for more updates!
Went groceries shopping!
Woohoo! I can really be a potential housewife.
Wanna have some?
I wanna eat healthy and normally!
Starving no more!


  1. Hi there... Could you clarify if your blogshop is affiliated to Zoe Raymond in anyway? Is she your appointed ambassador?

  2. Hello Jeanie, a loyal fan of Fridaybest here. Recently I chanced upon a Facebook page regarding your model Zoe Raymond ( Same with the anon above, I am concerned if the model is of any affiliation other than just a model. I do not think that it is a good image portrayed for your shop.