Wednesday, 14 November 2012

New start!

November 2012 is really a new start for me. I quit my full time job to concentrate on my online boutique, With 2 newly joined partners to strive hard together with me, I am sure we can bring TFB to a new level!
If you have read my blog previously, you will have notice I have changed the URL from to this current one. This is because the previous one is really too long and difficult to remember.
Since it is a fresh start for me, I decided to get a new hair. Yeah I know I have been changing my hair style frequently. Here it is!
Some friends said I look better in this hair colour, some said I look like an ah lian. What do you think?
Do you like this combi? I think it is gorgeous!
Visited an authentic Italian restaurant in JB. Surprisingly, the food is good!
In Val Lace Dress Black from TheFridayBest. Click here for more details. Grab your today :D
Harry's bar and Brussels and Sprout yesterday!
A lazy day in Robertson Quay! Life is so good. (:


In Isabella Lace Overlay Blouson from TheFridayBest. Click here for more details!
Available in S, M, L (:
Please forgive my swollen eyes!

Do you like this peplum top? There are more intricate details at the back. Will be coming to TheFridayBest in our December collection (:

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  1. Hi there, could you clarify if your blogshop is affiliated to Zoe Raymond in any way? Is she your appointed ambasassdor?