Friday, 9 November 2012

Big Butt, Thunder Thighs etc

Recently, I came across a few posters from Nike and I really do love them alot. Inspiring, and also, it somehow tell us that we should love our body (:
Here they are!
Read the text, they are really wonderful (:
So inspiring, so motivating!
It has been so long since I updated my progress.
There was some setback as my weight and my fat mass hasnt been decreasing lately, and I am really tired. Let me rest this weekends and I will set again next week!
Work harder, train meaner, eat cleaner!
Anyway, Fridaybest collaborated with Zoeraymond for our collection 22 and 23.
She looks prettier than pictures (:
Here is the shoot for collection 22.

Start shopping right away!

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