Monday, 20 August 2012

Why should I feel motivated?

I have been exercising very little last week. Didn't go as my planned workout schedule. Really tired working on FB Collection 17. And also, I don't feel as motivated as before. Losing 3 kgs are not going to satisfy me. 10 kgs more to go. I NEED MY MOTIVATION BACK!


1. How I feel after a workout
I always feel great, more energetic after an workout. I like it when I am perspiring alot. It is like my fats crying, pleading me not to burn them away, but I don't like them in my body.

2. Calories burned
Those fitness app in our phone can track the amount of calories burned during a workout. I don't know how accurate are them, but I always feel thrilled to keep track of my calories intake and also my calories burned. The more I exercise, the more calories burned, the happier I get.
Currently I am using "iDAT" apps on my phone.

3. How I am going to look
Needless to say, when you are UK 6, you always look better in all kinds of clothing. I have been a UK 6 so I know. I don't need to worry I look like crap every now and then, and I don't need to hide my bulging stomach.

4. Blog
I have been reading for the longest time. She got the determination to get the body she once. Most importantly, she is a motivation because she was fat once and now she got a body I will die for.
5.Success Stories
Yeah, reading successful stories sure make us realise that all of us can do it, as long as we are determined enough. I love reading shape magazine, the success story section (:

6. Rewards
I always reward myself with new workout clothes. If I workout as planned for the month, I will buy myself a new sports bra. When I drop 5 kgs more, I will get myself a lululemon yoga sport bra.

7. Fitting into new clothes
I shall go look for a pretty dress which I love alot, in UK 6 and hang it in my room. So I can feel motivated, to work out, to slim down to fit into that particular dress. (:

8. Being attractive
Yes, it is a shallow reason, but most people workout for this reason. Yet, most of them won't admit it. I workout, wanting to be attractive, wanting feel good and sexy about my body.

9. Stress relief
Yoga always make me feel so gooooooooood. For each lessons, we concentrate just to complete and maintain our poses, not thinking about other things.

10. "Me" Time
I really enjoy exercising myself. If I am to join any new sport activity, I will not ask a friend along. Unless we really enjoy doing the same sports. exercising alone just make me feel more peaceful, more concentrated, more into the workout I am doing. Thus I seldom workout together with people, except that I do enjoy swimming with friends.

Now, I am going to jog in half an hour time.
Shall go prepare. Bye!

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