Thursday, 2 August 2012

Trying to slim down the hard way

I finally decided to turn back to blogging. Was struggling with my weight issue the past few months. Back in April, I decided to resort to liposuction to remove my fats for my tummy and thighs. I had already book the air tickets for me and my mother, paid the deposit for the surgery. End up I back out last minute, cause of the Hatyai bomb!

Thinking I was going for liposuction, I didn't control my eating and end up gaining weight! :( SOOOOOO UPSET!

Then I got so demoralized when I saw the comment of a buyer in my GMarket listing! She was saying something like I can't be a model for my own blogshop cause I am too aunty and fat, UK size 10. And some other mean stuffs.

Really damn hurtful!

And a month back, I received a call from my ex-boyfriend's girlfriend, asking me to back-off.

This is the time where my motivation came. Wanting to slim down and becoming prettier, and let him know that I will be better without him, hoping he will regret too!

I want me UK Size 6 back!

These photos were taken 3 years back! I was fatter before this, but I managed to slim down after turning to slimming pills. But the yoyo effect caused me to become what I am now.

Thus, no more slimming pills for me. I AM GOING TO SLIM DOWN, TO BECOME A UK SIZE 6 THROUGH THE HEALTHY WAY! That's by exercising and controlling of diet!

For the past weeks, I have been controlling my diet and exercising. But there are times I still drink and eat normally.

Here is what I am 2 weeks ago.

I know the fats very unglam. But please bear with me. Let me prove to myself that I can drop to Size 6 through exercising.

  • Jogging - morning
  • Swimming with Angie - evening 
  • Breakfast - Cereal (Special K) with low fat milk
  • Lunch - Herbal Life meal replacement Formula 1
  • Dinner - Herbal Life meal replacement Formula 1 & Black Chicken Soup

Good night!!! Jiayou for those trying to slim down!!!

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