Wednesday, 3 October 2012

How do I stay motivated?

Some friends called me obsessed, for my fitness training, but I call myself dedicate, to my body, to my fitness level, to my training schedule. They don't understand why I am doing this to torture myself, but I am telling you, I really do enjoy exercising. It has become a part of me somehow, and I hope to stay and feel this way for the longest time.
I also have friends going through this journey with me. We motivate each other daily, almost every minutes we are awake. I am thankful they are with me, if not I won't go this far.
I am also highly active in instragram because there are a group of people, working out insanely, to see progress. They keep me highly motivated too.
But my own pictures are the real reason that keep me going.
These pictures were taken before I started out, and I swear I am not like that right now.
Will post the before and after pictures this Sunday on my week 4 progress post.
I know my tummy is really disgusting and you must be feeling nauseous right now.
That's why giving up is not an option.
Imagine my future boyfriend trying to take off my shirt, while making out!
I bet he will stop immediately!
Those who are having the same problem as me, don't give up!

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