Friday, 4 January 2013

Welcome 2013 :)

Year 2012 was a year full of events! A year which I made a lot of important decisions, about how I should have lead my life, some right some wrong. It wasn't a good year for me too, lotsa conflicts which I don't want to be involve in.

Now, it is 2013 already! Time really flies!
Lets all hope that 2013 will be a better year! Huat arh everyone!

As usual, every year I have a resolutions list. Somehow, the list kinda stays the same. LOL

New Year Resolutions 2013
01. Get 120 minutes of workout, 6 days out of a week
02. Love myself more, be more confident
03. Laugh more
04. Take every opportunity given to me
05. Cut down on smoking and quit eventually
06. Cut down on drinking
07. Shed 15kgs
08. Get my property license and start doing part time
09. Be able to afford a car
10. Get my double eyelids surgery done
11. Be more outgoing
12. Work very very very hard for The Fridaybest
13. Dress up more
14. Grow my hair
15. Sleep at least 6 hours a day

Well, hope I will be able to achieve them this year (:

The Fridaybest Collection 28 Preview

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Finally met up with the girls! Don't worry girls, I will be okay!
Went singing (:

Panda eyes getting more and more seriously. ):
I need more sleep!!!

Nights everyone!

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