Thursday, 17 January 2013

Get ready for Chinese New Year

Hello ladies, we will be launching Fridaybest Collection 30, which is also our CNY collection this Friday, 12pm sharp!
The sweetest floral dresses, oriental embellished peplum top, sexy off-shoulder blouse, classy maxi and stunning lace front dress!!!
This is definitely a collection you will not want to miss!
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Also, we have a surprise for you girls.
We are having a PRE-CNY sales!
Great deals to beckon the Chinese New Year.
50 more items added to our sales list! This means a total of 114 items for sales!!!
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Consultation for Double Eyelids and Epicanthoplasty Surgery
Well, I went for a consultation for my eyes surgery!
Had decided to get the surgery done in Singapore instead of Bangkok because I cannot afford to stay in Bangkok for a straight 7 days.
Of course, it will be quite costly in Singapore, but for the sake of beautiful eyes, I will be able to part with the money :(
And Yayyyy, I will be doing the surgery in March.
I know it is still long, but I can't held to feel excited about it.
I am gonna have deeper and larger eyes with parallel eyelids.
After consideration for so long, I finally decided to go through the surgery!
I really hope that I can get the kind of eyes I always wanted :D
Can't wait!
Eyes that are with me for 24 years! 
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
Hidden tapered eyelids, with epi fold!
Can't really stand them any longer. I hope tomorrow is the surgery.
Good night!

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