Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!
Wishing all a prosperous and beautiful new year ahead!

CNY Day 1

Well, ever since we grew older, we had stop visiting our relatives.
I don't know why, but normally we just visit our paternal and maternal grandparents.

 photo D3F39F86-381D-4224-B187-41756604007A-3501-000002BB6383D7C5_zps6c966054.jpg
 photo 313FF494-81D3-4147-B470-2576CF49D7A5-3501-000002BB5A54BC14_zpsbe7693e0.jpg
 photo 358F317B-A18A-499A-B5F4-CAFD85173AD5-3501-000002BB5EA76966_zps1695d749.jpg
 photo 5EB2F681-7B5E-430F-841B-2AFD5ECE3588-3501-000002BB4E36E8B7_zps9e7a3b6f.jpg
 photo F04C5EAA-1750-4807-9C3E-1865F9A6A42D-3501-000002BB53AA6322_zpsbc1e3226.jpg
 photo DE3EE015-45D9-42BF-9EFC-66D1485C219A-3501-000002BB686EB18D_zps2bd57c9b.jpg
Brother trying to wear new clothes for Mimi, but she look like some jailed dog. LOL
 photo B5596F52-04AB-4B45-B5E5-8880494420D7-3501-000002BB73BA9E56_zps7b1a17fb.jpg
 photo 1330F21A-AFDA-40EA-8CF4-22E4419F606E-3501-000002BB7A5D8652_zpsc683acaf.jpg
We are looking through some really old photos. I look like crap when I am young, and my Dad and Mum don't look like them when they are young. LOL
 photo 817357B0-ABC3-4754-94DB-B56B880DCCCF-3501-000002BB80F97FBA_zpsf368f3fc.jpg
 photo 819FC4EB-C569-46CC-8648-D71DFF8BFF16-3501-000002BB866C55CB_zps4564d8c2.jpg
Hahaha, my dad still so skinny! LOL
CNY Day 2
Had everyone over for steamboat. Its a bad day for me thus very little photos taken.
 photo 429C4B30-AD86-43D8-BD5A-CA3FBADDF618-3501-000002BB8B972AEE_zps44dc1445.jpg  
 photo AA79742E-2C74-4EF6-BDE1-6739AF15D78C-3501-000002BBE3D27F14_zps579c09d2.jpg
My god, my eyes are miserably small. WTF.
CNY Day 3
Lou Hei, everybody huat arh.
This is the 3rd lou hei I had this year.
 photo 4CC25A2C-BC49-426A-9049-53645E5534AD-3501-000002BB8EBE98BE_zps9825f2ff.jpg
Year 2013 will definitely be a good year. (:
Will be a good year for dragon baby!
I wish for The Fridaybest to prosperous and will be bought to the next level!
Crooked Nose
I just realised my nose is crooked! WTF
Totally EMO!
Please help me see if I should do my nose!!!???
 photo CB4B6CD5-22A9-4377-BB45-B9B8AFA83935-3501-000002C12A476AA7_zps938745d4.jpg
 photo 2C4E24B2-F79E-46C0-8EDE-77F5783B092F-3501-000002C138949C8A_zps64541900.jpg
By the way, I booked my eyelids surgery appointment already!
So excited, totally can't wait for that day to come.

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