Saturday, 23 February 2013

Join me in aerobic dance classes, will you?

 photo 8EB1529E-924F-430C-8782-742149F2008A-6525-0000056095156089_zps8810a744.jpg  photo 71459AD1-C338-4FC3-8EF9-65E49DC007AF-6525-0000056099866B44_zpse37eb18a.jpg
Finally I attended gym classes in the morning. Waking up for a morning class or for work is something I haven't been doing for months! Ever since I stopped having a full time job.
The best thing is that I went for belly dance lesson. A dance I always wanted to master and a dance I gave up few months ago. It was super fun. :) Always wanted to go for Amore Dance classes since I joined them on Sep 2012, but I thought it was kind of intimidating, having to go for dance fitness classes when I am never a good dancer myself. But hell, never did I know it was so fun until I tried it.
then you won't miss out the fun.
Amore Dance Classes
Anyone with Amore Fitness Woodlands? Please contact me if you need a gym buddy, cause I need one too!
An entrancing signature class with moves inspired from Belly Dance. Get an all rounded workout that targets not just the abdomen but all parts of the body. This comes from combining traditional belly dancing moves and infusing it with aerobic techniques. Learn to do hip shimmy with style while toning your upper body with sensuous movements. Mobilise your arms, hips and target your chest area to reveal a confident, new you!
Pump it up with stylish and unique cardiovascular conditioning and rhythmic dance moves to spice up your workout! Perform movements in various directions coupled with exciting choreography, which is specially designed by Amore’s fitness team! Gear up for an intensive workout to lose that flab while having loads of fun!
Experience a cultural explosion of fitness and expression through this innovative dance workout program! Elevate your heart rate, challenge your muscles and tone your entire body as you move and groove to the sultry sounds of Latin music. Burn off those unwanted calories with aerobic moves infused with Samba, Rumba, Cha Cha, Paso Doble and Jive elements combined with hip, urban moves to leave you sweating for more!
Specially designed to incorporate stylish hip hop, street and funk dance into aerobics, FunkBlitz® will lead you through a continuous pace, heart-pumping, calorie-burning dance workout that will slim and tone your body. Elevate your heart rate, stretch your stamina and tone your entire body as you move and pop and lock to the infectious, latest funk music with FunkBlitz®!
All information from here!
Had monthly meeting with the shareholders of The Fridaybest.
Never had any picture of them, because they wish to stay underground. LOL
We went to the Canopy (Middle Rock Bar) in Bishan park 2.
The ambience's good, and I will like to visit the place again, despite mosquitoes biting you the whole night. 
 photo B5EEB312-1B75-4BD6-BEC0-8B5B1F63E848-5826-000004C9FC79F2C1_zpsde2f2250.jpg  photo B5EEB312-1B75-4BD6-BEC0-8B5B1F63E848-5826-000004C9FC79F2C1_zpsde2f2250.jpg  photo DDD6C43A-5BC8-4232-B41B-E0722BACDA10-6525-000005585A4F1233_zpsdf43ea37.jpg  photo BCC73001-5015-4E87-B779-D10D527838DE-6525-000005585EB6ED9F_zpsa14e80dc.jpg 
 photo FA951381-3B7A-41D4-8B09-677F6CBF7EDF-6525-0000055865361951_zps0b96aaee.jpg  photo 7858921C-F75F-4EE6-B2F7-34284CF9CAA3-5826-000004CA76C11E6C_zps376b79e3.jpg
After dinner and drinks, we went back to Bottle Tree Park to Lou Hei.
Fridaybest all the way. Huat arh!!!
 photo D68E333F-79F1-4081-BF5A-894AF993A206-5826-000004CAA9F48A46_zps4ed2f10d.jpg  photo D68E333F-79F1-4081-BF5A-894AF993A206-5826-000004CAA9F48A46_zps4ed2f10d.jpg
The Fridaybest new collection coming next week. Stay tune for more updates!
Went out with Mum in the Noon to pray, eat and shopping.
 photo D65D1EC5-495C-40B3-BA06-E7A0C0FCE1EB-5826-000004CAC393EEE0_zps854af00f.jpg
 photo BA3189C8-5C3C-4E47-BAAF-564D7723EE66-5826-000004CAD329711B_zps663dc533.jpg
Had parklane wanton mee, my favourite. I think I can have wanton mee every single day without feeling disgusted. But the wanton mee in BKK is even better. I literally have them everyday when I visit BKK. LOL
 photo 54ABAE82-A0C7-4B59-8E80-DA0D963772A4-5826-000004CAE73437EF_zps47cccbad.jpg
I wanted to buy this colourful top and I really like it alot, until I went to try it on. ZZZ
Both the top and my thigh look so complicated that I don't feel like buying anymore.
If you do not have any tattoo, please do not go and have one, at least not a huge one on an expose area.
 photo C42BF5F2-8D9E-4838-B395-305C4AF5F001-5826-000004CAFF04AD09_zpsbf3412b8.jpg  photo 67AC2FEF-CBBA-4775-B305-41F10162CC13-5826-000004CB27F9737E_zps8450bc4d.jpg  photo C9CE257F-E05D-4B7F-A2E6-77B550D1B209-5826-000004CB1E2831E3_zps68533a32.jpg
 photo 4DD86F71-5FC4-4C4E-B205-A7FE5DF1FC72-5826-000004CB32B84251_zps5462297f.jpg  photo 6404164D-BF4C-49B5-A973-3D0648484C58-5826-000004CB093FBFAA_zpse5660080.jpg
 Wine company for dinner
 photo DDE728B9-8D81-49B7-93FB-66F2E93BCA4F-6525-00000558FA2D51DC_zpsdc784f3a.jpg  photo 4269AFDE-A20B-4E56-BEA4-D2D580ACC035-6525-000005590A1E6040_zpsb7ffc4fa.jpg  photo CBF4CC5F-2D72-46BD-B053-51907FBEB07F-6525-0000055903768EC5_zps811c635b.jpg  photo 17CC2F01-EE36-4989-A675-BB8161EFDBB8-6525-0000055911DC329D_zps9311e08d.jpg  photo FD9A4937-94A5-49C6-AE9C-9C113E0D0ACA-6525-0000055924A785EE_zps8587dbae.jpg  photo ECAAC164-4F2A-42C6-B77C-6A251405FE93-6525-000005591DE09637_zps634a6f82.jpg
Iphone camera really sucks to the max when it comes to taking pictures in the night.
 photo 05F51E56-BBD7-4580-9456-20F6E7909B56-6525-00000558F24522BB_zpsdd608ad4.jpg  photo 7BC0F36F-1B0D-4BCD-8C4E-4301C0C56C97-6525-000005592AB8D0F4_zpsae85ea2d.jpg
 And we so kiasu we went thru the TOTO immediately after the results is out. LOL
 photo 761D070F-91C0-4040-9767-EB75052A74BD-6525-000005593655B426_zps3eae408a.jpg  photo 761D070F-91C0-4040-9767-EB75052A74BD-6525-000005593655B426_zps3eae408a.jpg
 And Peilin trying to be sweet with the roses. Hahaha
 photo C0DFD128-7DF3-41B8-97DC-7366537C3AEA-6525-000005594B5A4049_zpsff8e4311.jpg
You definately feel better when you trash all things out. :)
 photo C55186E0-649A-48B6-A804-07DB3711BC31-6525-0000055940AFB837_zpsff099f3d.jpg
Saw an ex school mate. We were talking about who is married and getting marry.
Glad everyone we know are doing well.
 photo 7495A83B-F9F4-4814-8EF7-E571AC035A4B-6525-000005592FBD62FA_zps85ad58bf.jpg
One of the best Merlot I ever had. I am so going to order this again (:

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